This Christmas, Gift yourself - A Successful Career!

Christmas is a religious festival celebrated every 25th of December by billions of people worldwide, mainly Christians, to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Families and friends come together on Christmas day to share greetings and happiness.

But with specialties getting more expensive year after year, people are concerned about a good career and how they might be able to make both ends meet. So that they can give happiness to their family, and fulfill their requirements.

Best career option that makes all your Christmas good

Indian Coding Acadmey

Today is a digital age, and IT sector companies and the business-government sector need developers. They are responsible for developing, coding, installing, and maintaining software systems. They form a key part of the IT team. Indian Coding Academy provides you with an opportunity to be the best developer with the great career options listed below.

Web Development :

Web Development needs are enhancing and improving daily, and so are the IT industry's progress and extent. The average salary for a Web Developer in India ranges from 3-7 Lakhs per year. The internet has today brought the whole world closer than ever before. People have started using online services for almost everything. Whether they want flowers, movie reservations, doctor appointments, or want to manage their business, they can do everything over the internet without going to the place of action.

Indian Coding Acadmey

Web development services have played a major role in enhancing these services and presenting online users with much better opportunities. Moreover, online business owners have also gained a lot by getting effective solutions through web development companies and using them effectively to generate revenue.

An answer to the question in the title, "who needs web development services?" is fairly simple - Everyone who wants an online business or desires a web solution such as personal websites, corporate websites, or web applications.
Let us start with individuals who require personal websites. Today, many online users have personal blogs where they post their views and share what they want to tell the world.


HTML or Hyper-text Mark-up Language is the globally accepted programming language that powers the web and creates web page structure.

Indian Coding Acadmey

Anyone who is considering creating their website will need to learn at least some basic HTML coding. There are many tools available that can help you design and create your website. Still, without a good understanding of at least some basic HTML, even a basic webpage can quickly get out of hand. Understanding web page layout and the underlying HTML codes that make it work will greatly benefit you in modifying and maintaining your web pages.


In web page design, CSS learning is important. CSS is an abbreviated form of Cascade Style Sheet. CSS website design is a web designing method that allows keeping the content and design separate.

Indian Coding Acadmey

Suppose you are using CSS to design your web pages. In that case, your website will have several advantages, such as editing web pages becoming easier, web pages becoming more user friendly, reducing the load time of website pages, and most importantly, that website becoming search engine friendly.

Javascript -

Javascript is normally used to create interactive web pages. JavaScript will run on your visitor's system, and you will not be required to download it continuously on your website. As a result, the entire user experience will be faster and smoother. Suppose you are a visitor to a site. In that case, you will notice that JavaScript is normally used to create quizzes or polls and anything else that will encourage visitor interaction.

Indian Coding Acadmey

The main aim of this program is to create an interaction between the site and the visitor and create an engagement that is not limited to just visiting the site.
There is a great need for observation today. The average starting salary for an App. developers in India are around 5 lakhs per annum. Because with thousands and thousands of users and massive amounts of downloads, many people enjoy various types of connections. It serves their needs for entertainment, business, influence, and many more.

React Native

Indian Coding Acadmey

React Native has caused a great sensation in the mobile app development industry. It is a full-blown JS framework that allows developers to create cross-platform software similar to native applications. The best thing about React Native framework is that it uses native components for the front end and does not require the employment of any browser, positively affecting the app's performance.


React may not be as fast as native apps. , the native components like image, view and text give you a near-native performance.

Grab on, Make sure to distinguish React app as a hybrid app. It is truly a real mobile app. If you wish to enhance your performance, you can optimize native code too. The specialty of React Native App. development is that it allows you to use native code too.

You can combine features of code and React for the best performance.

Indian Coding Acadmey

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