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It is challenging to build a website, but you can make it easier. There are some coding and designing knowledge required. The best option for you is the Indian coding academy and Other freecodecamp programs is powerful and let you build a website for free.

Indian coding academy system is so well designed that a 12-year-old can easily create a site. First of all, it's free, which is the best part, and So you can learn FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPMENT COURSE from Indian Coding Academy App.

What is needed For A website build?

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HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language

HTML is the acronym of Hyper Text Markup Language. Designing a website with the help of HTML encourages simple processing and sharing of the website. This is without being subject to the operating system or the computer's platform and the instrument used. Every HTML document begins with the tag. This tag tells the computer that the programming language used is HTML. Most HTML code will have an opening and closing tag. The opening tag tells the computer when to begin the action, and the closing tag tells when the auction ends. In some cases, a closing tag is not needed, but putting one in won't hurt anything, so this is something for a beginner not to worry about. To make the website user-friendly and accessible, valid HTML codes need to be used. Any HTML-based website must comply with a set of rules stipulated by the World Wide Web Consortium. These rules describe four aspects.

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The HTML web design updates regularly, but this depends on the changed rules. The rules that have changed are summarized in documents called Document Type Definitions. In the HTML website design, every web page has information dependent on the used DTD. The first element of every web page is DTD, which is featured at the top. The HTML web design allows the latest browsers to change their nature subject to the use of the HTML version.

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CSS - Casecading Stylesheet

While using CSS is now considered "best practice” for websites, the idea of style sheets has been around for a long time. Programs such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PageMaker, and other desktop publishing programs allow users to create styles for uniform formatting in one document or throughout a group of documents. The main idea is that you group formatting features, such as font sizes and colours and bolding, into a style and give the style a name; then, you can use the style over and over. This saves you the time of remembering how you formatted your text earlier.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a set of formatting instructions that controls the looks of a web page or pages. You may be saying, great; this will save some time. Not so fast; you also need to know that, though, the majority of the browsers understand CSS,

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You can build your layout, adjust the size and color of your headings or body text, and position your pictures. This translates into pages being programmed once, without the choice of inputting the same coding into each of your web pages manually. Translated and eliminated duplicate formatting.

Makes your Web site quicker to update

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As well as making your pages display quicker, CSS makes it easier to make global updates to your Web site. Say you're having a minor change in corporate image and want all your page headings changed from blue to green. With CSS controlling how your headings look, that means changing the colour in one file, and the whole site shows the change - a two-minute job rather than editing every page.

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First, JavaScript is a browser-based programming language that runs the client side. Any code you write in JavaScript is delivered along with your web pages, and the scripts you write run from within the users' browsers rather than directly on the server serving the web page. There are situations where JavaScript is an excellent solution for implementing neat features in a web design. Still, there are also situations where using JavaScript can hurt your website's performance. It aims in this article describes the best ways to use JavaScript and how to circumnavigate the downsides of using this versatile and powerful scripting language.

JavaScript is normally used to create interactive web pages. JavaScript will run on your visitor's system, and you will not be required to download it continuously on your website. As a result, the entire user experience will be faster and smoother. Suppose you are a visitor to a site. In that case, you will notice that JavaScript is normally used to create quizzes or polls and anything else that will encourage visitor interaction. The main aim of this program is to create an interaction between the site and the visitor and create an engagement that is not limited to just visiting the site.

JavaScript for Web Design - The Advantages

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JavaScript is an excellent solution when validating input forms on the client side. This means that if a user forgets to enter his name in a form, a JavaScript validation function can pop up a message to let him know about the omission. This is a far better solution than having a server-side validation routine handle the error because the server does not need additional processing. An asp or PHP routine could be written to achieve the same task. Still, the JavaScript would not allow the form to be submitted unless it was completed properly in the first place, a much more robust solution.

Another area where JavaScript excels is in creating dynamic effects such as rollover images and scripted slideshows, where its use has become commonplace. Because JavaScript runs inside the client's browser, it can be used to change the appearance of the user's screen after the server has sent the page. This allows it to create some very impressive dynamic image effects.

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